The Hollywood Fringe Festival: A Show of Human Creativity

The Hollywood fringe festival occurs every year in California. The indoor locations of the festival is placed within and around the Hollywood Theatre Row along the Santa Monica Boulevard. The Hollywood Fringe Festival first began in the year 2010 set by its founder and several other event coordinators.

A total of 130 shows were shown during the festival in that year. The shows presented in the festival were not chosen based the quality. There is a registration fee for those who want to showcase their play as long as they are able to support the production of their show. The event coordinators will be generally handle all marketing responsibilities of the whole festival giving the theatre companies the responsibility of advertising their own shows and finding their own venue for their production.

A bigger number of shows were shown in the 2012 Hollywood fringe festival showcasing a total of 230 plays and some 1000 or more performances. The popularity of the event rose giving more than 300 plays in the 2014 fringe festival.

The popularity of this event was originally started in Edinburgh, Scotland following the rejection of some performers in the Edinburgh International festival prompting them to set up their own stage in the city's boundaries. The fringe of the city then saw more people put up their own stage as the word spread all throughout and thus the name fringe festival became known. The popularity of the event became known across the world and also reached the American soil.

Those who join the fringe festival are not only able to get public exposure, money and press time but may also be able to get and award of distinction.

Local organizations often sponsor many of the awards given in the festival. The words "best of" or "choice of" should not be used including attachment of the term "fringe" in award titles given by award giving organizations.

The awards must be named in relation to the organization sponsoring the award and not with the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The organization should be present during the awarding ceremony and must be able to present a physical form of the distinction like a plaque or trophy.

When the sponsoring organization is not able to show or bring a plaque and the like as a physical token of the award, then the winners will not be announced. Each organization is allowed to present one distinction thus for multiple awardees, they will all be called to the front at once. The award sponsors will have to supply the following such as name of the award, the contact person for queries, qualifying conditions, how the winners will be picked, the reward for winners and how many plays that the sponsor will commit to go and see.

Many people attend the Hollywood Fringe Festival which is an event that showcases the arts. Read more about this at .